Jargon busters

  • What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

    Want to own your car outright, but with affordable monthly instalments and no large final payment? Welcome to Hire Purchase (HP) finance

  • What is Android Auto?

    Bring your Android operating system onto your dashboard with Android Auto

  • What is a full service history?

    A full service history normally adds value to a used car, but how do you know whether a car really has a full history?

  • What is voice control?

    You may not be able to drive using voice commands but you can control many in-car systems with your voice. Keep reading to find out how

  • What is an estate car?

    Load up your luggage in style: discover the big-booted estate car

  • What is a mild hybrid car?

    A boost to fuel economy without the cost of a full hybrid car: why mild-hybrid technology could well be coming to your next car.

  • What is a hybrid car?

    Hybrid cars combine a battery and engine for fuel efficiency and long range. Here's the full guide

  • What is a supermini?

    Bigger than city cars, but smaller than family hatchbacks. We explain what superminis are

  • What is AEB?

    Most manufacturers use this type of system, and it can save your life - but what is AEB?

  • What is a coupe?

    Two doors and a stylish design: read on to find out what makes a coupe

  • What is an MPV?

    We delve into the ridiculously practical world of MPVs and people carriers

  • What is an SUV?

    Their numbers are increasing more than any other type of car, but what is an SUV exactly?