BuyaCar offers free delivery and warranties to key workers

BuyaCar has launched a free delivery and warranty service for key workers in light of the growing coronavirus pandemic

May 13, 2020

OFFER ENDED: Offer available on orders through to May 31 2020

Online car marketplace is offering free delivery and free two-year warranties to key workers, as part of the national fight against the global coronavirus pandemic.

This comes as many major UK car dealerships have closed their doors following increasingly strict government measures to limit the spread of the virus. 'We have to help Britain’s most essential people stay mobile, whatever the cost', states CEO Andy Oldham.

Key workers who are at the frontline of essential services such as the NHS and the police, food supply chain workers and other vital service providers must be helped as much as possible, he adds. For more information on which roles are classed as key workers, the government has published a list of key worker roles here.

This approach sees the business - which has already sold and delivered more than 20,000 cars in an ‘Amazon-style’ approach to selling cars online - pledging to prioritise deliveries to key workers to help keep the country running.

Right now we're concentrating on helping Britain's key workers to keep moving. But if you're looking forward to changing your car and you don't class as an essential driver, you can still use our website to browse great cars. Open an account and start the journey to your next car now. We'll be delivering to everyone's door as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

This offer was announced within hours of Boris Johnson imposing a lockdown across the country as the government continues to use ‘social distancing’ to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

A look at recent sales shows that many key workers from across the country have already purchased through BuyaCar (see image above), with cars being delivered to them from up to 540 miles away, saving them time, money and stress.

One social care worker had their car delivered from Salisbury to Aberdeen - a return journey that would take more than 18 hours non-stop. Meanwhile, two medical workers had cars delivered to them from Oxford to Dundee and Southampton to Edinburgh - both trips of more than 430 miles.

BuyaCar’s decision to support key workers with free delivery and warranty cover sees the normal £199 charge for delivery suspended for key workers, with them also receiving a £499 two-year warranty free of charge. This is available to people like doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and other essential service providers.

This follows introducing ‘contactless handover’ for vulnerable people, such as the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions in response to this pandemic. is also in the process of boosting the stock available on its website with stringent cleaning processes in place to ensure the greatest possible safety for customers who can now order and receive a car without leaving their home.

BuyaCar CEO Andy Oldham continued: 'Our decision to do everything we can to help key workers was easy - they are the people we all rely on to keep us safe and healthy and they are already under pressure as the coronavirus problem continues. It’s our turn to give them all the support that we can.'

Cars purchased through BuyaCar are sourced from the most reputable suppliers and can be delivered to drivers' doors in as little as five working days, with finance able to be arranged online.

Customers who believe they are at particular risk and wish to maintain isolation from others are able to arrange contactless handover in advance. Cars are delivered only by healthy drivers, with all touch points including surfaces, controls and handles being cleaned before the customer receives their vehicle.


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