Cars with a 7 year warranty

Sleep easy at night with these cars that come with a 7 year warranty

Murray Scullion James Wilson
Aug 30, 2019

A seven-year warranty is as good as it gets here in the UK. Currently, there are only three manufacturers offering them straight out of the box; KiaSsangyong, and MG.

Kia's seven-year warranty has been around since 2006, MG started offering a seven-year warranty on its ZS models in 2017, and Ssangyong introduced its seven-year deal in the summer of 2018.

Generally speaking, manufacturers offer these large warranties in order to improve the perceived quality of the companies. And in some ways it has helped. MG sales for March 2019 were up 62% when compared with the same time last year.

Remember, if you buy a new Kia outright and choose to sell it after four or five years, it still has a few years’ worth of warranty on it - which is a major selling point on the used market. And the same can be said for buying used. Buying a three-year old Kia means you’d still have four years’ worth of warranty left on it.

While a seven-year warranty is generous, there are some caveats to it. After all, just because a car has a long warranty, it doesn’t make it reliable. Lexus regularly tops the reliability charts of Auto Express’ Driver Power survey - and yet its warranty is only for four years.

And remember that warranties will often have mileage limits attached to them. So with Kia, you either have a warranty for seven-years, or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. And Ssangyong’s is seven-years or 150,000 miles, while MG's mileage limit is a piddling 80,000 miles. Other manufacturers like BMW offer a three-year warranty, but with unlimited mileage.

Cars with a seven-year warranty

1. Kia

Kia’s mammoth seven-year/100,000 mile warranty is up there with the longest in the business.

Kia’s warranty is also fully transferable to later owners. So, if you're buying a five-year-old Kia, you’ve still have two years left on the warranty.

The warranty itself is split into parts. Kia covers the bulk of its cars’ components for unlimited mileage/ up to 36 months, and for 100,000 miles between 37 and 84 months.

Some items aren’t covered for this length of time though - the battery is only covered for 24 months, as is the air conditioning system. For the full list of exclusions, it’s best to read the small print on Kia’s website
Also worth noting - the warranty period is still 7-years or 100,000 miles if you use a new Kia as a taxi or private hire car, but you need to inform the company of your usage.

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2. Ssangyong

Its mileage limit is 150,000 and cover for the audio/navigation unit lasts for seven years/150,000 miles - significantly better than Kia’s three-year/36,000 mile offering.

There are however some drawbacks. The caveats on the paintwork mean faulty bodywork (as a result of improper manufacturing) will only be covered for three years or 60,000, and if you’re a taxi driver your mileage limit is only 100,000. That said, both of these drawbacks don’t detract from the fact this is one of the best warranty packages out there.

The policy covers all the major mechanical components including wheel bearings and most suspension parts. Consumable parts like clutches and brakes are only covered for one year or 12,500 miles, however, and the battery is covered for three years.

The most recent changes to the policy mean it now comes as standard on the entire Ssangyong range.

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3. MG

We’re not talking about classic MG sportscars here with charming looks and iffy build quality. We’re referring to Chinese-built MGs.

The company offers a seven-year warranty on its ZS crossover and MG3 hatchback, but not on its GS SUV. It is important to note that it is only MG3s sold since September 1 2018 (in line with the latest version of the MG3 being launched) that come with a seven-year warranty. The previous generation of the supermini could have either come with a three- or five-year warranty dependant on its age.

The warranty has a limited mileage of 80,000 miles, but it is transferable between owners. The warranty covers all wear and tear items (but not tyres) for the first 12 months, paintwork for three years and it’s also worth noting that if you use it as a taxi or private hire vehicle, the warranty is limited to 12 months/20,000 miles.

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Is a car warranty transferable?

In general, a car’s warranty is transferable – all the cars on this list from Kia, Ssangyong and MG are – provided the warranty hasn’t expired. You may however, be required to inform a manufacturer when you have bought a used car and that you want to transfer the warranty into your name. 

In some cases there will be a small fee to pay for this. Whether this is required and the paperwork for doing so should be included in the warranty policy provided with the car.


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