Best car finance deals

We won't beat around the bush: here are the best used car finance deals available on BuyaCar, and there's something for everyone

Chris Rosamond
Feb 17, 2021

Spreading the cost of purchasing a car across a series of monthly payments can make sense whatever the scale of your budget, whether that’s £100 per month or £1,000 per month. Whichever price range you’re looking at, PCP finance deals are a popular way widen the choice of cars within your price range far beyond what you'd be able to afford if you were to pay in cash.

This explains why more than 90% of privately purchased new cars are financed in the early 2020s and more and more drivers are choosing to finance used cars. And, if you're looking for the best value deal, finance options on nearly-new and used cars typically offer much better value for money than new car equivalents. So whether you’re after a small city car, a family SUV, a sporty runabout or something altogether more exotic, it definitely makes sense to explore the finance options.

PCP finance monthly payments are based around the amount of value a car loses during the length of the finance contract, so cars that lose value slowly are available with low monthly payments compared with the cash price of the car. Meanwhile, cars that have already lost a significant chunk of their initial value might also represent a better deal, as there's less value remaining to be lost and therefore monthly payments will be lower.

That’s great news for drivers, because the cars that hold their value well are typically the most popular and in demand too. In other words, financing a popular car could get you the car you want for a lower monthly payment than you might expect.

Best car finance deals

To be fair, there aren’t too many awful cars around these days, but there are plenty of in-demand ones. To save you the headache of working out which cars hold their value well and to give you a flavour of what you could be driving, we’ve picked out the best finance deals across a range of budgets from £100 to £1,000 per month.

If you’re looking to finance your next car, therefore, read on to explore the options and see just how much car you could get, whatever your monthly budget - covering everything from super-affordable city cars to super-sleek supercars.

1. Peugeot 108

Best car finance deal for £100 per month (click here for more deals)

Used deals from £4,990
Monthly finance from £99*

The Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo city cars all share common engineering and tech under the skin, but the Peugeot is arguably the most grown-up to look at – and it’s great value if you need a cheap runabout.

With three-cylinder petrol power it sips fuel and can keep up with traffic on the motorway, and it will even seat four passengers at a pinch – although the cheapest three-door body-style is better suited to a single owner or couple.

It's comfortable around town, with power-steering to make light work of parking and a seven-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, the mid-range Active model packs lots of appeal into its small footprint.

Pick one that’s done a few more miles than the average and you could be spending as little as £80 a month. £90 to £100 will see you in a lower mileage or more recent example.


2. Mercedes-Benz A Class

Best car finance deal for £200 per month

Used deals from £11,900
Monthly finance from £204*

There’s a timeless quality about Mercedes design, and even a four-year old A Class feels up-to-date with its tablet-style dashboard display and well-built interior. It’s definitely in a class above mainstream hatchback rivals such as the Ford Focus or Peugeot 308, and a budget of up to £200 a month brings a choice of age, mileage and spec. In fact you needn’t pay much more than £150 a month for a 2015/6 A180 diesel car with 30-40,000 miles on the clock. £200 gets you a 2017 model with similar mileage – or a lower mileage earlier car, which shouldn’t feel any more dated. You’ll pay less for manual transmissions too.

Whichever you pick, you’ll benefit from a truly upmarket interior with a great media system, and a comfortable and luxurious ride. It’s not the sportiest of drives, and the rear seats are less spacious than some rivals, but for pure ‘feel good’ factor it’s hard to beat.


3. Audi TT Coupe

Best car finance deal for £300 per month

Used deals from £15,500
Monthly finance from £242*

If you want to make an impression for less than £300 a month, the Audi TT Coupe is a fantastic choice. It’s eye-catching on the outside, and even better looking inside, with one of the most attractive cabins around. It’s a tech tour-de-force too, especially if you find a car with the terrific Audi Virtual Dashboard – an electronic/digital instrument display that you can configure yourself.

The driving experience is every bit as good as the TT looks, with sporty responsive handling and a super-grippy chassis. It’s also relatively practical and cheap to run, and definitely easy to live with as a daily driver, thanks to its decent luggage space and roomy interior.

A 2016 2.0 TFSI petrol model in popular S Line trim with average mileage could be yours for around £250 a month. £300 and a £2,500 deposit could get you into a nearly new facelift model with delivery miles.


4. BMW X3

Best car finance deal for £400 per month

Used deals from £19,800
Monthly finance from £362*

If you want a large family SUV but don’t want to give up on driving fun, then the X3 from the BMW stable is bound to appeal.

The X3 shares much of its engineering with the 5 Series executive model, and in spite of its higher SUV body it’s just as good to drive. BMW engineers have worked their magic to control body lean in corners, and you can punt the X3 along a twisty B-road with a smile on your face – in a car with a family-friendly five-seat interior that’s almost as spacious as the bigger X5 model.

It's classy and comfortable on the inside too, with a typically premium feel to both the design and fit and finish. 4x4 with auto transmission is standard and there’s also loads of safety kit, so you’ll have no qualms about loading up the family – although sadly there’s no seven-seat option.

Around £380 to £400 a month should get you into a nearly new 2019 2.0 petrol or diesel X3, in desirable M Sport trim. If you want a 30d you’ll be looking at a 2018 car.


5. Jaguar F-Pace

Best car finance deal for £500 per month

Used deals from £24,500
Monthly finance from £302*

Continuing the fun-to-drive SUV theme, the Jaguar F-Pace is a road-focused family hauler that offers loads of prestige, practicality and style for your money.

Jaguar may have been a late-comer to a luxury SUV sector where brands like Audi, BMW and Porsche have been making hay for years, but the F-Pace arrived with all the right qualities to compete. It’s sharply styled, drives like a sporty saloon car, has a genuine luxury feel while offering practical family transport, and you can choose economical diesels or stonkingly fast performance models.

A budget of £500 a month will get you behind the wheel of a nearly new 2019 2.0d F-Pace in S trim with around 10,000 miles. Alternatively you could spend the same on a super-luxurious Portfolio edition from 2018 with average mileage for the year. For £450-£460 you could be looking at a punchy 3.0 V6 diesel of the same age and mileage.


6. Mercedes V-Class

Best car finance deal for £600 per month

Used deals from £36,980
Monthly finance from £562*

If you need to carry lots of people in comfort and style, there are few better vehicles to take on the task than the Mercedes V-Class.

It might look like the Mercedes Vito van but don’t be fooled by the boxy profile. The V-Class is transformed on the inside to a luxury express that feels more like a private jet than a humble people carrier. With Standard, Long and Extra Long versions, the V-Class can seat up to eight passengers, or can be specified with a six-seat interior which is fantastically roomy. For the ultimate in family transport you can even get a Marco Polo camper version, with a pop-up roof and two double beds plus a small kitchen area.

It’s not a cheap option when new, but it holds its value, which means the monthly finance payments can look quite affordable. A nearly new 2019 extra long V250d AMG Line could be yours for around £550 a month, while we’ve seen the camper version with delivery mileage for around £570.


7. Porsche Macan

Best car finance deal for £800 per month

Used deals from £30,999
Monthly finance from £515*

High demand for the Porsche Macan SUV means high used prices, and in turn that means advantageous finance terms with a PCP deal. Which is a boring way of saying £800 a month could get you behind the wheel of a stunning 2018 Macan Turbo.

The Macan is a delight to drive, easily the most fun in its class, and the Turbo version is blisteringly quick with a 0-62mph time of around 4.5 seconds. All this with a luxurious interior, impeccable image and a practical five-door body for everyday family motoring too.

Even if you don’t want the extreme performance of the Turbo model, the ‘lesser’ Macans are extremely rewarding to drive and own. Around £750 a month will get you into a nearly new 2019 2.0-litre petrol model.


8. Aston Martin DB11

Best car finance deal for £1,000 per month

Used deals from £93,990
Monthly finance from £1,666*

If you’re going to drop a grand a month on car finance payments, you want serious bang for your buck, yes? Well, few cars turn heads like an Aston Martin, and the gorgeous DB11 coupe could be in your reach if the budget will stretch.

Go for the 4.0 V8 model, and your £1,000 budget should see you looking at a nearly new DB11 from 2019. It’s arguably the most practical and enjoyable choice of DB11 too, thanks to relatively lower running costs and a more nimble feel. The V8 engine is lighter than its 5.2-litre V12 stablemate, but you won't notice any particular lack of power because 0-62mph comes up in 4 seconds instead of 3.9.

If you wanted to buy this jaw-dropping beauty outright at a year old, you’d need to find a briefcase stuffed with around £100,000 in cash. That makes £10,000 a year look cheap. Not convinced by the V8? Then the same monthly budget will get you a DB11 V12 that’s a year older… Monaco here we go!

*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

BuyaCar is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 6.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.


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