Best new cars from 2020

If you enjoy driving the latest cars, but don't have the funds to buy a brand new 2021 model, take a look at the best cars from 2020 instead

BuyaCar team
Apr 30, 2021

There's always excitement at the beginning of a new decade. We all look forward to what might be possible during the next ten years and imagine what life might be like. In terms of cars, the roadmap for the 2020s is already cemented in place; electric cars will be the norm by 2030.

The upshot of that fact is that, even when it seems like there is still plenty of time still to go until the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK is banned, manufacturers are already piling investment into the development of electric cars. As you'll see below, there were many more new electric and hybrid cars launched in 2020 than any other type of car.

Much like previous years, SUVs were everywhere once again, with everything from small and economical SUVs to high-performance and luxurious SUVs. Once more, the rate that these new models are being spawned suggests the public demand for high-riding vehicles shows no signs of letting up.

We've split all of the best new cars from 2020 into one of the following car types: small cars, family cars, SUVs/crossovers, sports cars, supercars/hypercars and electrified cars. We'll also indicate when each new model was first available and you'll have an option to check out used versions currently available on BuyaCar.

Just because these are nearly new cars, that doesn't mean they're going to be hugely expensive. Even after a relatively short amount of time, prices for used versions of these most recent models have still dropped substantially.

Best new cars from 2020

Best new small cars from 2020

The popularity of small petrol cars has dwindled recently. As emissions restrictions in city centres tighten, their appeal to those living in urban areas has been hijacked by electric cars and hybrids. It comes as no surprise therefore that the list of new small cars that launched in 2020 is short. If these cars still appeal to you however, you can get all the details here on BuyaCar.

Make/modelWent on saleBuyaCar price
Honda JazzSummer 2020£17,895
Hyundai i10Early 2020£10,990
Hyundai i20/i20 NMid-2020£11,947
Mini GP John Cooper Works2020
Toyota YarisLate 2020£17,995

Best new family cars from 2020

Interested in a brand new family car to get you started in this new decade? Some very enticing new options arrived during 2020. With high-performance sports-wagons from Audi and Alpina to the ultimate in class and luxury from Mercedes and Rolls-Royce. Those on a more modest budget should take note of the Seat Leon and VW Arteon Shooting Brake.

Make/modelWent on saleBuyaCar price
Alpina B3 TouringEarly 2020
Audi RS6 AvantEarly 2020£88,980
Mercedes S-ClassLate 2020£63,531
Seat LeonEarly 2020£16,950
Volkswagen Arteon Shooting BrakeSummer 2020£27,159

Best new SUVs and crossovers from 2020

At this stage, there's no point even arguing about the popularity of SUVs. They're everywhere, and they're still spreading - even Aston Martin has developed an SUV. As you'd expect, the list of new arrivals is 2020 is long and our dedicated page will bring you all the details.

Make/modelWent on saleBuyaCar price
Aston martin DBXEarly 2020
Audi Q5Late 2020£24,490
Audi RS Q3/RS Q3 SportbackEarly 2020
Ford KugaEarly 2020 £17,995
Ford PumaEarly 2020£17,999
Hyundai TucsonLate 2020£16,780
Jaguar F-PaceSummer 2020£43,844
Mercedes GLASpring 2020£29,799
Mercedes GLE CoupeMid 2020£67,762
MG HSEarly 2020£16,000
Peugeot 2008Early 2020£17,794
Renault CapturEarly 2020£13,849
Volkswagen T-Roc CabrioletSpring 2020£21,990

Best new sports cars and supercars from 2020

Petrol heads can breathe easy, the era of the combustion engine isn't quite over yet. You'll be glad to know that your thirst for V8 grunt and aggression is still being catered for, there's even a V12 model from Ferrari. Even with the launch of a hybrid Ford Mustang, there is still plenty of reason to get excited about the 2020 sports car line-up.

Make/modelWent on saleBuyaCar price
Audi RS7Early 2020£77,490
BMW 4 Series/M4Summer 2020
BMW 2 Series Gran CoupeSpring 2020£25,500
Ford Mustang2020
Jaguar F-TypeSpring 2020£52,899
Porsche 911 GT3Spring 2020
TVR GriffithSummer 2020
Ferrari 812 GTS2020

Best new electric cars from 2020

The number of electric cars that hit the UK market in 2020 is incredible, and its a number that you can expect to continue growing as the years go by. Check the table below for a quick summary of a selection of electric cars that went on sale in 2020, or for more information you can click below to read our in-depth guide.

Make/ModelWent on saleBuyaCar priceClaimed range (miles)
Electric small cars
Fiat 500 ElectricSummer 2020115-199
Honda eSummer 2020£24,491136
Mini ElectricSpring 2020£24,000124-144
Peugeot e-208Early 2020£20,495211
Seat  Mii ElectricEarly 2020162
Skoda  Citigo e IVEarly 2020162
Volkswagen e-UpEarly 2020162
Vauxhall Corsa ESpring 2020209-211
Electric family cars
Mercedes EQAAutumn 2020263
Mercedes EQVEarly 2020213
Polestar 2Summer 2020335
Porsche TaycanSummer 2020£90,090310
Electric SUVs and crossovers
Audi e-tron SportbackSpring 2020£61,000278
Kia Soul EVEarly 2020£9,900280
Peugeot e-2008Early 2020193
Vauxhall Mokka-eSummer 2020£35,100190


Best new plug-in hybrid cars from 2020

Hybrid cars are still relevant, for now. It seems inevitable that fully electric cars will eventually engulf the new car market, but that won't be for a few more years yet. There's plenty to choose from here, with all areas of motoring covered, from small city cars to the biggest of SUVs. Hybrid power was the preferred choice for the world's most insane hypercars in 2020, too.

Make/modelWent on saleBuyaCar priceClaimed range (miles)
Plug-in hybrid small cars
Plug-in hyrid family cars
Audi A3Late 2020£28,72240
Seat Leon e-HybridEarly 2020£22,90040
Plug-in hybrid SUVs and crossovers
Cupra FormentorSpring 202030
Ford KugaEarly 2020£26,75035
Jaguar F-PaceSummer 202033
Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4Spring 2020£27,49536
Renault Captur e-TechEarly 202028
Plug-in hybrid sportscars
Peugeot 508 Performance HybridWinter 2020£23,60433-39
Plug-in hybrid supercars
Ferrari SP90 Stradale15


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